Todor Gurkov

Residential Investment Advisor, Sole Listing Representative

Todor Gurkov

+359 88 809 9572

Professional and Educational Background:

- Bachelor degree of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality Studies from Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University

- Master degree of Science in Marketing Management from Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University

- Certificate of Completion for Comprehensive Real Estate Broker Training Program under a Private Educational Consultant

- Licensed as a Real Estate Broker by the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria


Todor Gurkov is originally from the small town of Sliven. Following the completion of his bachelor's and master's degrees at Dr. Assen Zlatarov University, he relocated to the capital city of Sofia in pursuit of a career as a real estate agent. Commencing his journey in a small boutique real estate firm within the rental department, he dedicated two years to honing his skills and gaining invaluable expertise.
His exceptional performance and demonstrated proficiency garnered recognition, leading to an invitation to join one of Bulgaria's largest real estate companies, where he became an integral part of the specialized rental department. During his tenure, Todor received accolades such as 'The Most Rental Deals for the First and Second Quarters of the Year' and 'Skyrocketing Start for a New Agent' showcasing his exemplary dedication and achievements.
Subsequently, he embarked on a partnership with a newly established niche company, focusing on foreign rental relocations and investment property transactions. Despite encountering challenges along the way, Todor accumulated a wealth of skills and experience, culminating in his decision to establish his own company, Imotify Ltd., in 2017.
Recognizing the importance of collaboration and shared vision, Todor extended an invitation to his current partner, Dani Arsov, to join forces in their entrepreneurial endeavor.
To this day, Todor , through Imotify and its team, continues his dedication to delivering exceptional service in the fields of commercial real estate and residential new development.

Personal and professional values:

Todor believes in honesty, a strong work ethic, and high moral standards in every aspect of business and life.


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